Vórtice (Vortex)    
Sala de Arte, Casa de la Música
November 2011
Medellín, Colombia




Vortex is an installation, a site-specific sculpture created for the Art Gallery of the House of Music in Medellín, Colombia. The work is a replica of the existing architectural structure at a natural scale. The framework gradually constricts from the first to the second floor, passing over the parapet and reaching a surprise element, hidden to the visitor when entering the gallery.


The work is called Vortex because it is an imitation of a spiral flux that is normally found in whirlwinds, hurricanes and cyclones. Vortex expresses destruction, closing itself towards a specific point where the entire structure is concentrated.


When reaching the second floor the visitor discovers the surprise element - a psychoanalysis couch: a piece of furniture symbolically charged over a hundred years with the idea of projecting and expliciting the darkest human being's fears, desires and feelings. Here is where all the structure of the Vortex is concentrated. In other words, the eye of the hurricane is found at the top of the tube, in which people can see a light at the end, a contemplative and calm space.




cardboard, wood
steel wire, furniture

35 ft 5¾ in x 97 ft x 36 ft 5 in






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