Mazzocchio storto
Tecnología de la desilusión
Luis Angel Arango Exhibition Room
October 2003
Bogotá, Colombia




Mazzocchio, a form dating back to the Renaissance, is a polygonal ring, which seen in section, is comprised of either a hexagon or octagon. This shape is rooted in platonic polyhedrons of Antiquity. The regular geometry of the Mazzocchio shows the idea of beauty, purity and perfection. Mazzocchio Storto diverts the original idea and seeks another type of "beauty" by twisting the last segments of the figure, magnifying and saturating it with bright colours in a very playful way. Asymmetry and lack of balance are the new form determinants.




Taracea. Scala, Florence, Italia



Mazzochio storto

Wood, water-based paint

Ø 39 x 6¼ in