In memoriam    
Düsseldorf Art Academy
May 2000
Düsseldorf, Germany




In Memoriam is the final project for my Master Degree from the Düsseldorf Art Academy. Conceived as a temporary artistic intervention at the Plaza de Bolivar, one of the most important public places for the city and country. This project confronts the collective memory of one of the most dramatic and saddest episodes in Colombian history: the destruction of the Legislative Palace and the violent death of their occupants on the 6th and 7th of November, 1985.


The project contemplates, among others: the idea of bringing back to life the facade of the former Legislative Palace by raising the former facade in front of the current one while projecting large scale shadows of passing people; recalling images of deceased people and stimulating collective memories of the historic event. During the intervention the square would be temporally closed.

In memoriam

Styrofoam, paper

6 x 39½ x 39½ in



Vista de la fachada falsa esquina suroccidental

Fake Facade View - Southwest Corner

Fake Facade View - Northeastern Corner

Surrounded Square View - Southwestern Corner
Surrounded Square View - Northeastern Corner

Night View of the Cathedral with the Square Surrounded

Night View of the Surrounded Square - Northwestern corner
Former Facade of the Destroyed palace.

Actual Facade of the Palace