Matrioshka-Modell Germania-Berlin (Matrioshka XI)
Uncomfortable heritage
Academy of the Arts, Pariser Platz 4
September 2013
Berlin, Germany 




Tracing the Germania Myth is an art project about "urban palimpsests" (architectonical overlaying) in the government district of Berlin. The project deals with the city of Germania ("capital of the world"), planned by Hitler's architect Albert Speer, in particular with the destructive ideology and the power of its architecture.


The model on scale 1:2500 shows the "overlaying" of the most relevant buildings planned for Germania, superimposing those from the present government district.


Starting with the existing buildings, the project aims to make the absent architecture and its lingering consequences tangible and address the question:

Is Germania a myth or reality?



Matrioshka-Modell Germania

Foto © Yomayra_Puentes

Thermoplastic,polyurethane, acrylic, cardboard

27¼ x 27¼ x 8 in



Matrioshka-Germania South