Elogio de la sombra II (In Praise of the Shadows II)
Centro Colombo Americano
February 2006
Bogotá, Colombia 




This work, made for the Watts exhibition at the Centro Colombo Americano, quotes abstract American artists of the 1960's such as Rothko and Stella. The spatial painting unfolds in the room, seeking a direct relationship with architecture. The translucent veils are used as thin layers of paint, one on top of the other. The title of the work makes reference to the 1933 Japanese Junichiro Tanizaki's text In Praise of Shadows, in which shadow is seen as a means of achieving clarity in the East, unlike the West's preference for light. In Elogio de la sombra II, light and shadow, full and void, are equally presented to and admired by the visitor.





Elogio de la sombra II

Wood, veil

7 ft 10½ in x 26 ft 3 in x
14 ft 9¼ in