Como les guste (As you like it)  


LA galeria
October 2010
Bogotá, Colombia




At the entrance of the gallery two opened red curtains announce the theatrical nature that the work evokes. As the visitor enters a series of wooden structures is seen. These structures support a cardboard wall on the other side giving the appearance of the space being "under construction" or "behind the scenes". The structures on the left and the wall of the gallery on the right form a perimetral spiral corridor that leads to a center. Along the route of illuminated walls there are trails like that of Hansel & Gretel (red curtains, column, sockets, pipes, etc.), which become recognizable by the visitor upon reaching the central space. On arriving, the visitor observes the same elements that were previously seen however, this time as a theatrical set. Like a Russian doll (Matryoshka), the same gallery space is reduced by 60% and repeated smaller within itself.


The first thing to be seen in the center are two red curtains framing the replica entrance doors. On the "glass doors" is handwritten in English and Spanish:


"All the world´s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. All make their entrances and their exits and various roles in his life.

William Shakespeare


The hidden interior space is the same as the gallery but recreated as a theater stage made of cardboard and without the ceiling. The ceiling lamps of the gallery can be seen from the center space. The cardboard details of the scenery show a rough version of another reality (a sketch reality). Gallerists, artists, art collectors and the general public are acting on this cardboard stage. They play their roles in life. They enter and leave the stage. Their new reality becomes more fragile, artificial and temporary than the outer reality. From the inside they can see some parts of the outer reality and compare them. The stage folds back on itself without the public. The public and the actors are the same. A third reality could possibly be created with a small hidden web-camera recording the entrances and exits of the visitors and transmitting their roles live through my webpage which will present the work. The public of this third reality will be internet users sitting outside of the gallery as in a virtual theater. The work focuses on the scenic nature of contemporary art and its actors. In the small room close to the installation, photographs, models from other spatial works by Edgar Guzmanruiz are being shown.


Como les guste

Wood, Cardboard, Fabric

11.7 x 30.6 x 31.6 ft








Spanish and English texts

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