Circundante (Surrounding)    
IV Premio Luis Caballero
Galería Santa Fe
February 2007
Bogotá, Colombia




Circundante is a site-specific spatial drawing. It invites the visitor to walk in and feel surrounded. The work was planned in direct confrontation with the geometry and properties of the gallery, a space strongly defined by its elongated character and its curvature.


Once the visitor enters the gallery, he finds himself inside the drawing. The lines of the drawing are plotted in a radial distribution to the curvature of the space. The ink or pencil lines are the black nylon cords fixed on the walls, the floor and the ceiling along the gallery, these surfaces serve as paper.


A path laid down for the purpose of walking through the work, is the only non-drawn space. However, the flexibility of the cords is an invitation to discover the drawing in a playful way. While the visitor walks across the drawing, a gradual transformation occurs. There is no specific site from which one could perceive the work in its entirety. It is necessary to move along it to totally perceive the work.

There are mirrored walls at both ends of Circundante. They extend the room and increase the sensation of being surrounded. The path ends by leading and enticing the visitor to find one's self and others inside the drawing. The mirrors reflect a prolongation of the path. Its end or beginning cannot be determined.


The lighting, in uniform distribution, is arranged to create a penumbra along the path. The resulting shadows of the cords produce a second drawing or plot of lines. Looking from certain angles, the intersecting lines are scattered over the visitors. The mirrors present them covered and uncovered at the same time. The cords generate different levels within the space, which exist simultaneously.



Cord, mirrors, screw rings

10 ft 7½ in x 26 ft 3 in x 180 ft 5½ in


Right and above photo: Manuel Olarte



Photo: Fundación VyK


Panoramic Drawing


Scale 1:50

Construction Vector Drawing
Circ-plano general