Galerie Weisser Elefant    
May 2015    
Berlin, Germany    




The legend of Ovid tell us about the unusually beauty and youthful Narcissus (Narkissos) in which his admirers fell madly in love. However, he heartlessly rejected them all due to his pride. Therefore he was punished by Nemesis, by making him experience unrequited love: from that moment on he had fallen in love with his own reflection. One day, while he enjoyed looking at himself in the water reflection, a leave fell onto the surface. As the waves distorted his reflected image he fell into the water and drowned, as he could not withstand his deformed appearance. After his death it was transformed into a narcissus flower.


The Greek word narkein means stun, anesthetize (cf. Narcosis). The flower, poet’s narcissus (Narcissus poeticus), which also grows in Greece, spreads, in fact, a very intense and numbing scent.




62 Mirrors, wood

7.0 x Ø 200.0 cm



Framed mirrors imitating screens of different contemporary mobile devices shape a round pond in which visitors reflect. As in the Greek myth the new devices punish us with insatiable narcissism and constant dependence.





Ø 99.0 x 16.0 cm

2000 / 2016






Light drawing

Foto © Yomayra_Puentes



iShadows + earcons