Galería Alonso Garcés  
February 2012  
Bogotá, Colombia  




The Lightcatchers are a series of tubes or beams of light that connects the windows of the gallery.
More than 40 years ago this gallery was a chapel.
The idea of Lightcatchers reflects back to the original function of this space. Religious architecture works predominantly with light and with this, I want to bring back to this space the sacred character of a temple, focusing on these elements that generate light whilst the architectural space darkens.


The Lightcatchers material is surgical fabric, which is normally used for surgical face masks and gowns. This textile filters light properly. Both ends of the beams are brighter, while the middle gradually dims.


The top glasses of the pointed arch windows were removed to allow the wind to pass through the Lightcatchers and generate a movement in the fabric. The light beams filter the light, the wind, the pollution and also lets one experience the cold from the outside.


The last Lightcatcher hangs at the back of the space. This element lies on the floor as there is no window on the opposite side. There never was. With no window on this wall, there is no light, and therefore no structure, the form falls directly on the floor.



Atrapaluces (Lightcatchers)

Fabric, nylon, steel wire

17 ft 6¼ in x 20 ft 4 in x 47 ft 9 in


Lightcatchers-two people
  Last lightcatcher
  LIght beam
Render drawing