Trauen Sie Ihren Augen?
Rundgang 1999    
Kunstakademie Düsseldorf
Februar 1999    
Düsseldorf, Deutschland    




This site-specific work makes use of an inverted perspective to optically extend an enclosed space. Trauen Sie Ihren Augen? alters and contradicts the visual perception of depth. The result is: what appears far, lies nearby and what appears nearby, is distant.


The concave space is convex. When the visitor approaches the end of the corridor, one unexpectedly realizes how a constructed piece stands out of the wall. Although the piece is totally painted in white, gray surfaces become visible as a product of the penumbra caused by the light source at the right side of the corridor.


The layout of the invitation to the exhibit recalls an optometric test. The work confronts the visitor with the idea of what is real, creating a feeling of ambiguity and ambivalence about its perception. What one perceives as true is open to more than one interpretation.






Trauen Sie Ihren Augen?

Polystyrol, Holz, Farbe

2.5 x 2.5 x 16 m




Ansicht der Überlappung  

Zeichnung der Flur  
Detail der Decke  
  Detail der Stufen