Eau de Cologne
Ausstellungsraum des Rathauses
März 2000
Saint-Paul de Vence, Frankreich 




As homage to Yves Klein, the city of Saint-Paul de Vence in the South of France organized a cycle of four art exhibitions based on the four elements with which the French artist worked: air, water, fire and earth.


Eau de Cologne is the title of the work chosen for the exhibition around the second element: Water. The visitor finds a wooden trunk filled with water with two peepholes on top and two side holes to introduce the hands. The interior of the trunk is illuminated and painted with silver paint.


By looking through the peepholes the water surface appears upside down because of a 45° mirror under the water. By introducing the hands inside the trunk, the effect of the reflection of the mirror together with the silver paint, might make one feel as if penetrating the mirrored surface or playing with liquid mercury.




Eau de Cologne

Holzkoffer, Spiegel,
Licht, Wasser

34 x 50 x 80 cm