Brieftrichter (Embudo postal)
Oficina Central de Correos de Essen
September 1999
Essen, Deutschland 




The Post-modern group exhibition took place at the Main Post Office in Essen. Each artist had the task of developing a work inside the empty counters.


At first sight, the work is perceived as an empty yellow chamber behind the glass window of the counter. The yellow painted walls recall the corporate colour of the German Postal Service.
A slot on the counter can be seen, by approaching the window. Behind the glass, there is a horizontal mirror, placed at the height of the counter. It reflects down a yellow pipe, wide at the top and narrow at the bottom, which ends in a second slot. The shape and the depth of this yellow chamber evoke a large funnel, where letters can be symbolically inserted.





Wellpappe, Spiegel, Vinylfarbe

150 x 250 x 85 cm


Ansicht durch das Schalterglas

Zeichnung Maßstab 1:20