Anonyme Begegnung (Encuentro anónimo)
Rundgang 2000    
Kunstakademie Düsseldorf    
Februar 2000    
Düsseldorf, Deutschland    




The Düsseldorf Art Academy opens its doors to visitors every year. This event attracts around 10.000 people. Bearing this in mind, the work is installed on the ground floor, with the intention of creating communication among the visitors, moving beyond eye contact and using the sense of touch.


A wood-panel construction in an S-shape with two opposite accesses leads individuals to personal cabins. The cabins face each other and have two holes for the hands. By introducing the hands, one finds a chamber, an intersectional space where an anonymous haptic encounter is possible, but any visual or aural contact is not because of the length, shape and materials used for the work. This encounter can vary from curiosity to fear or eroticism.


The work can be easily carried and assembled in any space with a large flow of people.



Anonyme Begegnung

Holz, Vorhänge, Pelz

2.5 x 0.8 x 6.1 m





Zwischenraum zur
anonymen Begegnung

Abmontierte Paneele